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Feelings of Worthlessness - Life Hack by MPT

If you are experiencing feelings of worthlessness, there are small, actionable steps you can take that may help you to start feeling better.

Speak Kindly to Yourself

People who feel worthless (not enough), often engage in negative thinking and negative self-dialogue. It may feel a bit weird or it may be challenging at first, but focus on treating yourself with kindness. When you notice negative self-talk, look for ways that you can reframe; flip those thoughts in a more positive or realistic way. Instead of thinking "I'll never be able to do it," for example, you might say, "I can do small things each day to improve."

Be Aware When Thoughts or Feelings of Worthlessness Strike

Sometimes these negative feelings arise in response to certain situations, thoughts, experiences, or even people. What triggers the negative thoughts? Start noticing when these feelings emerge, what is happening when they occur, and what type of thoughts might be contributing. This is one way to help combat the negative thoughts that might be fuelling feelings of doubt or inadequacy.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Worthlessness can creep in when you find yourself comparing your own situation unfavourably to the situation and lives of others. Stop falling into the trap of only looking at the ways in which it seems you are lacking, start keeping a gratitude journal where you spend a little time each day thinking about the wonderful people and things in life you are grateful for. Refocusing your thoughts in this way, lifts your energy and can help protect you from the negative effects of comparison and envy.

Do Something for Someone Else

Sometimes when you are feeling worthless, focusing your attention on something other than yourself can help. Interrupt negative thoughts by doing something nice for someone. Research has shown that engaging in pro-social activities like volunteering for your community or helping someone else in need can have a positive effect on a person’s happiness and well-being. Helping others can also help you feel a greater sense of connection and purpose.

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