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The Process


Providing clients with an understanding of the general process right from the beginning is important to me.  You will generally know what to expect and the minimum time you will need to commit for each step.  

This allows us both to plan to make the journey together as pleasant, efficient and effective as possible.

This is a general guide only. Your journey will be tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

Discovery Call

Book your FREE 30 Minute Call

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Discovery Call

Book your FREE 30 Minute Call

After your initial contact, I will send you some information and a Questionnaire to complete before your Free Discovery Consultation Call via my online Calendar. Just click on BOOK NOW.


While I can assure you of my credentials and professionalism, it's even more important that you get a feel for me, and I for you, to gauge whether we have a good rapport. I really want my clients to have the best experience and to feel completely comfortable before they take the next step. 


During our chat, if you've previously completed the Questionnaire, I may ask you some additional questions for clarification.  You can be assured that I will be honest and open if I believe that RTT is right for you, or not, as the case may be.  I will explain what RTT is and how it works and answer any questions you have, including information about session fees and available options. 

If we're both happy to proceed, we may extend the call to go a bit deeper;  for me to get to know you and your challenges a bit better.  I will send then send you an Intake Form you'll need to complete, and a copy of the T&Cs & Disclaimer forms, which need to be signed in accordance with compliance requirements

Once I receive your Intake Form, we will lock in a time for your session. 


What happens next if you decide to have a session with me

The previously completed Questionnaire ensures we make the best use of our session time and will greatly optimise our time together, spending it on what ultimately matters, your wonderful transformtion.  

I will send you a reminder via a text message 1-2 days prior to our appointment.  Please remember, that for the appointment to go ahead, proof of the full payment or, if a payment plan was agreed to, the deposit for the upcoming session is required - or as per the terms set out for the package you may have acquired. 


I know things happen in life, however, if you need to  change the appointment, please be kind enough to give as much notice as possible, so that II may offer your session time to another client. 

Your Session

The Session Process

This is a generalisation of the Process, which may differ from case to case.

Please allocate approx. 3 hours

Please note, that there are some presenting issues, where we do not regress client's to past events, e.g. sexual abuse.

While regressing a client is incredibly powerful to get to the root-cause of presenting issues which facilitates healing immensely by being able to let go of the past,  if for any reason you do not wish to be regressed, we can discuss some alternative options.

I'm so excited for you!  Your new, upgraded life is about to begin. We finally meet in person, face to face, or via Zoom.  Are you ready for Change!

Setting you up for Success

  • Pre-Session Check List to ensure that you are ready and comfortable

  • Summarisation of the information you provided via the Intake Form/Questionnaire and any subsequent correspondence or calls to ensure we are on the same page. It's an opportunity for further clarifications or additional information to be shared.

  • Confirmation of the primary outcome you wish to achieve from the session.

  • Demonstration of how I will take you into hypnosis, so you completely know what to expect.

  • You will learn how the mind works and use this knowledge to see how truly powerful you are.

 Detective Work

  • Upon taking you into a very relaxed state (hypnosis), your subconscious will reveal to us events in your past all to do with your presenting issue. This will provide an understanding and invaluable insights as to how you formed certain limiting beliefs or bad habits. 

  • Depending on the nature of your blockages or learned beliefs & habits, RTT offers incredible tools we'll draw from to start your journey to the New You.


  • Once you completely understand why, how, where and when you formed beliefs about yourself, you will understand why you do what you do; why you are the way you are.  And those often surprising and astounding revelations will bring with them an unprecedented understanding that will give you the power to let go, to shatter and smash those old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you. 


  • After letting go of your old beliefs and habits, you will know the past is not you, that everything negative you once believed about yourself is gone for good and forever.

  • We will replace the smashed habits and beliefs with positive new ones; the traits, characteristics and abilities of the person you long to be, and who is the authentic, real you.  The incredible truth about who you truly are will be coded into your mind, your psyche, into your DNA.   

  • You will have proven to yourself how powerfully suggestible your mind is, having created bad habits and negative beliefs about yourself, and even physical issues in your past.  So as you come to know this, you will learn to only give yourself positive suggestions and instruct, direct and compel your body and mind to obey you, because it has to! 

Your mind always does what it thinks you want it to do




  • After you are gently brought out of hypnosis, you'll have a little time to process and come back to the here and now.

  • You will be able to express and share with me how the experience was for you, what you're feeling and thinking.  I'll help you process anything you feel you need or want help with.

  • You will leave knowing that I will provide you with a bespoke audio recording, specifically covering the transformation (all the positive stuff) we installed during our session.  By following the technique used during the session, and following my voice, I will lead you into hypnosis and you will cement the newly installed beliefs by listening to the audio daily/nightly for a minimum of 21 days. Depending on the severity of the issue, this may be extended to 63 days.  You have learned that the mind learns by repetition and will have committed to adhering to the process to ensure you obtain the change you now know is available to you.

  • We will book in a time for your 21-Day Follow-Up Call to see how fantastically you have progressed.


What happens after your Session

Please note, this part of the Process will differ if choosing a Package Option.


  • I will check in a couple of times after your session via email, text or WhatsApp to see how you're feeling.

  • We will catch up after you have listened to your audio recording for 21 days via a call or Zoom Meeting, as discussed/scheduled to review your progress and discuss if you require further guidance and assistance.

We know and recommend that some more complex issues (e.g. trauma, eating disorders, etc.) usually require a minimum of 2-3 sessions and should be allowed for.  

To receive answers to your specific question, book your FREE 30 min. Discovery Call today.

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