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Awards & Accreditations



Marisa Peer and the highly successful Rapid Transformational Therapy have been recognised for many years as being outstanding.

RTT Certiicate


Studying under the phenomenal Marisa Peer to learn the RTT Method from its developer, who for over 30 years has been guided by her clients to deliver what they need and want, was an absolute eye-opener and has changed my life forever.

Licensed to Practice


I am an Alumni Member of the Marisa Peer School of Rapd Transformational Therapy, committed to ongoing professional and personal development and delivering the highest standard in client care.

Alumni Membership_NTP.png
RTT Alumni Member


As a Member of the RTT Alumni I commit to ongoing personal development and to support RTT students, colleagues and peers.

Certified Hypnotherapist


Hypnotherapy under the RTT method means you are always in control and completely safe at all times. You are deeply relaxed but aware of everything around you. Only your nervous system is in slumber to allow you access to your subconscious.

Reiki Certificate


Reiki is something I initially did for myself. As an Intuitive I've always picked up other people's energy. Reiki taught me to better understand and how to work with this 'gift'. Reiki, I believe, complements RTT beautifully, as it automatically helps me to pick up and tune into my client's energy while working with them.  

Nominated and ratified as Member of the Board at Cansurvive Research Inc. (Holistic Cancer Research & Suport Centre) 21/9/2022.
ACNC Registered
ABN 47135396568
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