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Never stop believing - a real life miracle story.

A perfect real-life example of why you should NEVER stop believing that something wonderful is about to happen.

When everything inside of you screams YES, never accept a NO is binding and final.

Believe and you will see!

Today, I’m going to share this personal story – a story of the elderly in Covid times, a story of mental stress, anxiety and depression, a story of hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, and a story about how faith and mind power can manifest miracles.

This story to me, once again has confirmed to always trust our intuition/gut feeling – even if all the “proof” seems to say otherwise, and that maintaining one’s positive thoughts (no matter what) creates an energy that manifests what we believe in.

Background story: My sister had found an ad for a perfect brand-new apartment complex offering subsidised rent for 1-bedroom flats for eligible pensioners. It was perfect timing for multiple reasons.

The apartment my mum and her partner are currently renting is getting way too expensive for them. They’ve been getting worried; it’s been causing them stress. They’d been looking for alternatives for such a long time, but there was hardly anything on offer in their area, and nothing within their budget.

Living in extended lock-down in Germany had been stressful enough, especially for my physically and socially active 84-year-old mum. She hardly got to see my sister, my niece and nephew and her two beloved, adorable young grandchildren.

At times, she really worried me, telling me during our regular weekly catch-up, that she really didn’t know if life was worth living anymore. She couldn’t attend her weekly English Conversation group meetings, couldn’t go to yoga, to Pilates, or the gym. She felt she was buried alive (her words). The long, cold, dark North German winter also did nothing to improve her mental state; she seemed to be falling into a deeper and deeper depression. Like many of my mum’s age-group, the elderly don’t know how long they have left, and feel robbed.

My 84-year-old mum didn’t want the politician's “misguided” protection, she was quite happy to be accountable for living whatever time she has left to the fullest. She wanted to be with her family, go to the theatre, to live music events, to travel… and not wear a mask that was causing her breathing difficulty, swollen, teary eyes and ulcers in her nostrils. Should she succumb to this virus, the flu or falling and breaking her neck during a walk, so be it. She just wanted to LIVE LIFE. I can understand that and it made me extremely sad for her and her fellow-aged.

Spring finally arrived and slowly restrictions were being reduced, if not completely lifted. Their long-planned spring seaside holiday had had to be cancelled. Another kick in the gut. Come summer, she and her partner eventually managed to book a 5-day holiday to a spa-town. It finally gave mum something to look forward to.

But all the stress of the past 18 months had taken its toll, on both. Nerves were raw and the littlest things could trigger an argument. Being in prolonged lockdown, with the shared activities they both enjoyed suspended indefinitely, cooped up in a small apartment, they started to get on each other’s nerves. The little holiday came too late to remedy the frustrations that had accumulated.

Mum was ecstatic to finally get a hair salon appointment in the spa-town. Her partner somehow took it personal; he wanted them to do something else, and what should have been an easy compromise, escalated to a full-blown argument that found them on the brink of sacrificing their entire relationship.

WhatsApp messages from mum to both my sister and me, reading between the lines, alerted us to fearing something was very wrong. We knew that they’d been getting into arguments more and more frequently but had so hoped that their little getaway would work wonders for them.

My sister and I had for some time the opinion that it would be better for both to have their own place if they wanted to save their relationship. Her partner loves watching TV until well after midnight. My mum would keep him company to please him, but suffered. She didn’t much care for TV-watching, only very selectively, and was naturally an early riser. She had slipped into his schedule, not getting up until 11am; wasting half the day. While mum volunteered to live on his schedule (more to keep the peace), inside it was eating her up. She wasn’t being her genuine self or living her authentic life. And suppressing her values and her nature was manifesting health issues.

Emotions you keep in will find a way out through the body.

In mum's case, via a skin-issue which causes sores that easily bleed and won’t heal. Stress triggers the condition to get worse.

All my sister and I could do, was wait for her to get back from her trip and help mum to find a solution, which mum agreed, would include trying to find a place of her own. My sister lives close by, which is a Godsend to her, and to me.

As we were waiting for her return, my sister noticed the ad for a new subsidised seniors apartment complex. She had only just told me that there was nothing on the market.

She excitedly sent me pictures. It looked wonderful. It was in the neighbouring suburb, in walking distance to shops, medical clinics, and my sister’s place. It looked lovely, set in a quiet, leafy-green area, with walking tracks and good public transport connections. My sister immediately applied on behalf of our mum.

With the situation still strained between mum and her partner as they arrived home from their ruined holiday, it turned out that he had independently found and applied for an apartment for himself in the same complex.

My sister and I agreed that this all seemed perfect, as if it was meant to be. Not only could it help save their relationship but, each having a place they could afford on their own, should one pass, the other wouldn’t have to move. Neither of them could afford their current apartment on their own.

Meanwhile, the two senior citizens had mended fences and came to the same conclusion. We all felt that the argument, finding the ad, that it was all meant to be.

My sister, mum and I have been called witches on numerous occasions, as we often “know things”. And the three of us knew, both would be successful in securing an apartment.

The Three Witches - mum, sis & me

But then things seemed to go wrong. There were a fair few hoops they had to jump through with two separate organisations, and my sister was eventually notified that they did not meet the criteria. While where mum and her partner currently lived and had their senior’s rent subsidy entitlement for was only a suburb away, the two locations were in different shires and the rent subsidy entitlement rulings differed. My sister was told there was nothing that could be done. They weren’t entitled under the other shire’s rulings.

And still, all three of us felt with absolute certainty that it would somehow happen. Everything spoke against our intuition, but we had the strongest feeling that a miracle would occur … and guess what? It did!

We didn’t know how this miracle would happen; we just knew it would. Unbeknown to us, a senior clerk at one of the organisations felt compelled to take my mum’s and her partner’s case to a decision-maker. She pleaded their cases. The next day, my sister received the amazing news that an exemption had been made and that their tenancy applications had been approved! Not only that, both would be allocated an apartment in the same building and on the same floor! We were all ever so grateful, but not surprised.

Again, our inner knowing had proved to be right on the money. We never wavered from our shared belief.

Soon to be new home for mum & her partner - move in date mid-late September.

I could share many more stories like this, but this is the most recent.

Do you have a similar story, where your intuition and belief did not allow for any negativity to be let in?

Please do share and make a difference.

I would love to compile a Book of Real-Life Miracles (short-stories) to bring hope and guidance to those of us that need help with believing and shifting our paradigm.

Please email your story to

Cover Photo Credit: Julia Avamotive

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