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Reclaim Your Power: Stop Being Sabotaged By Your Unconscious Past

This article has been inspired by and is dedicated to my amazing clients, who courageously chose to be vulnerable, trusted in the process to identify and understand the root-cause of their suffering, who let go and smashed their blocks, and have reclaimed their power to each create their best future and life as their best self.

I am so proud of each and every one of you!


Your mind's job is to keep you safe. Hence, the reason many of us fear change and the unpredictable unknown, and choose to remain in the known, predictable, familiar past, but then wonder why we feel stuck in life, unhappy and unfulfilled.

You can be the creator of your desired life - in fact you're hardwired to be a Creator. So choose today to stop self-sabotaging; do not allow yourself to keep suffering. You have the power to change (there's that word again) thoughts, behaviours and habits empowering you to remove the pain and blocks that are not serving you and are holding you back?


The following information is based on the science of neuroplasticity and the proven teachings of some of my favourite, internationally acclaimed mentors, including Marisa Peer, Dr Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden,

Mel Robbins and Dr Bruce Lipton.

The first thing you need to understand is that when you are not in the present, you're running a program. You might find it surprising to learn that 95% of each day most of us are running a program (unconscious mind).

Paying attention is being present, and it is a real skill.

You know when someone is really with you in your life because they're paying attention to you. And, you know when they're not present because they're not paying attention. We've all been in a conversation where it's obvious the other person isn't present. Their attention is elsewhere. The first indicator is a lack of eye contact. This can easily trigger feelings of resentment, unworthiness and rejection. And, if we're honest, we've been that person too.


Your thoughts form a blueprint that your Mind and body work to make your reality.

So, how can your mind pay attention and create for you, when you're not in the present? It can't! When your thoughts, habits and behaviours are running on the program of the known past, it can only deliver a predictable future. Same in, same out. But, if you can hit that sweet spot of the generous present moment - if you keep practicing overcoming the conditions in your body, overcoming the conditions in your environment, overcoming that predictable, familiar past and you keep working for the present, you are going to develop the habit of being present.


Whatever you focus on you get more of.

Where you place your attention is where you place your energy, and when you're in the present, and you're in the present moment, you've got a lot of energy to execute - you've got a lot of energy to design a destiny with.


Your Mind does not care if what you say is good, bad, indifferent, true, false, healthy, unhealthy, right or wrong. It simply acts on your words (thoughts & pictures) regardless.

We all have the ability to create. However, you need to make up your mind that creating your fabulous vision and future is more important than anything else, and when you imagine it, you need to see it with so much detail and, even more importantly feel and emotionally connect to your vision of the future - emotionally feel that possibility. And, the moment you feel that emotion, you are connected to your future. When you know that no thing, no person, no experience will stand in the way between you and that future, feeling this connection to your future, feeling the inspiration, the joy, feeling excitement, exuberance and the love for your future every day, just like your body follows your mind to bed at night or to the shower or Nespresso machine in the morning, to the known, your body is going to follow your mind right into that future. It can't not follow, because that's where your attention is.

If it isn't happening in your life, then there's some emotion, an unconscious attitude or thought process hardwired, there's some habituation of thought, behaviour or emotional reaction that's keeping you as you.


What you present to your Mind, your Mind will present back to you.

When your personality creates your personal reality, and it does, and your personality is made of how you think, how you act and feel, then the present personality who is reading this article, has created the present personality called his or her life.

To create a new personal reality, a new life, means you're going to have to change your personality - stop thinking about what you've been thinking about - that 95% - and change it. You need to become conscious of your unconscious habits and behaviours, how you speak, especially to yourself, and flip them; you need to look at those emotions that keep you chained to your past. You need to ask yourself "Does this emotion belong in my future?" And, if it doesn't, you must choose to let it go, including the memory associated with it.


The Mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs. They cancel each other out.

Most people try to create a new personal reality as the same personality, and this just doesn't work. We literally have to become someone else. The act of becoming is a function of overcoming, but that does mean you have to light a match in a dark place; you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Whenever, you hear that monkey chattering in your ear "I can't do it. It's too hard. I'll never change. It's my Ex's fault, it's my parents or boss's fault, I'm too this, to that, I'm too old, too tired, not smart enough, not good enough, I don't deserve to be happy ..." those thoughts are the boundary of the known. And now, when you step out into new territory, the body that's been conditioned to be the mind emotionally is saying "Stop, don't go, don't leave the known here - stick with the old, the pain, the suffering, it's much better and safer than the unknown - at least it's predictable and familiar."

But when your other, conscious, mind is feeling it's ready and it's time for an adventure your body will go "whoa, what are you doing?" Be ready for that initial struggle. It may take a little time to help the body out of the past. It takes a bit of effort and practice. Like when you're meditating.

You can't have a great meditation and feel really connected, then get up and start feeling annoyed with people. You can't come from having an amazing meditation, and get frustrated with other drivers on the road, or people at work, or feel annoyed that after queuing at the cafe for ages, your coffee is luke warm. When you start judging everybody and when you allow yourself to get triggered like that, you're disconnecting from the energy of your future and going back to the energy of the past. The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs and emotions. They cancel each other out. So you cannot expect change.

Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.

As soon as you start blaming another person or a situation, you are back to the unconscious program, of being a victim in your life. You have a 90 second window to interrupt such thoughts and feelings.

Dr Joe Dispenza calls it a grace period of transformation, where we have to cross the river from the old self to the new self.


You can use the Clear Button Method or simply by counting 5,4,3,2,1 loudly, for real or loudly in your mind, to interrupt old, limiting and negative thoughts and behaviours that do not serve you. They will bubble up for a while. Just keep interrupting the energy of the past; the program. When you begin and keep crossing the void to the unfamiliar, that unknown, that will lead to the neurological, the biological, the chemical, the hormonal, and the genetic death of the old self, you're creating a new self.

The hardest part about change is making a new choice, and the moment you make a new choice, get ready for a ride. You choose whether that ride is going to - pardon my French - scare the shit out of you, or whether you allow yourself to feel excited.

Of course, leaving the unknown is going to feel uncomfortable at first. It's going to be unfamiliar and a bit scary because you're not in the known any longer. But once, you overcome that fearful, critical monkey-mind, when you ignore "this is too hard" and move forward with courage, get ready for an amazing ride.


Picture in your mind, a new, spectacular roller coaster ride at a theme park near you. You've never been on it before. Picture yourself getting on that ride. See yourself smiling and laughing with nervous, but positive energy and excitement.

You're feeling a little trepidatious, but also courageous and daring, and are anticipating the thrill of the unknown.

Now feel the car starting to slowly move, climbing up the first steep hill. You look around and start to see the world from a different angle and whole new perspective. Everything is getting smalller, and you see so much further. It's still the same place, but you're seeing it differently. You're quite mesmerised, fascinated.

The car is being pulled up to the first peak. At the top of the first hill, there's a a short pause, and you take a deep breath readying yourself, before it speeds down that first valley. You feel the G-forces You feel your body tense, you see and feel your hands holding on tightly to the safety bar. Your emotions of fear and excitement, as the car flies down that first valley, seem to be fighting for dominance. You arrive at the bottom of the first valley and are surprised to feel a wide grin on your face. You let out the breath that you've been holding and feel your whole body relaxing.

Now your mind is now telling you "Hey, that wasn't that bad, I actually kind of really enjoyed that feeling". You realise, while it was a different feeling, it's a good feeling.

So, as the car travels up the next hill, an even higher one than before, you feel more confident, less scared, more excited. As you hit and go over the peak this time, instead of closing your eyes and holding in your breath, you will your eyes to stay open to let the experience in, and smiling, this time, you let go and let yourself scream. Your laughing as you;re screaming. It's such a liberating feeling. You feel exhilaration like seldom before. You become aware of how alive you feel, and now each climb and each thrilling descent, is something you look forward to and welcome with anticipation. You love how free you feel, how you look forward to each new experience, as the tracks reveal so many twists and turns. And, even the triple loop now has you letting go completely, arms in the air, screaming with glee.

As the ride comes to an end, you feel so proud of yourself, so glad you chose to let your excitement of the unknown conquer your fear of the unknown. You now love the unknown and no longer fear the unfamiliar; you've made it familiar.

And now you can never go back, knowing what you know about yourself. You have created a new version of you. The old, scared of change, of the unfamiliar and unknown YOU no longer exists.


Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. When dealing with your Mind or the Mind of others.

This time, I want you to close your eyes and take yourself

on that roller coaster ride again.

See it, see yourself, feel it.


The Mind learns by repetition

Sticking to the same choice, over and over, leads to the same behaviour, which creates the same experience and produces the same emotion. So you know that you simply cannot expect yourself to find what you're looking for in life until you choose a new choice.

Become conscious of what your unconscious of, and love it, because consciousness brings awareness, and there's an energy that goes along with that, and suddenly you're not in the program, you're the consciousness observing the unconscious.


Your Mind responds to the pictures & words you install.

Now you're free from the past, and you're no longer the old you. You're not thinking about the past any longer. You're believing in your future MORE than you're believing in your past. You're more IN LOVE with your future than you are with your past.


As experienced by my clients, and hundreds of thousands of RTT clients globally, there's a much quicker, easier and more effortless way to overcome the fear of change and embrace the transformation to a new, improved version YOU than trying to go it alone.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), using hypnosis and easily accessing and working with your subconscious mind, circumvents the conscious, fearful, doubting, critical conscious mind removing and smashing 'natural' resistance, then codes in a new paradigm.

You can change your life with as little as one session and 21 days of easy homework (listening to a pleasurable, bespoke transformative self-hypnosis audio).

You too can reclaim your power, and find freedom from physical, emotional and psychological blocks and pain that have been holding you back from being your best self, living your best life. Find out how RTT can help you with a personal, no pressure, highly informative FREE Discovery Call. What have you got to lose? Make a different choice and ....

Images courtesy of Thank you Andrea Piacuadio, Zachary Debottis & Soly Mosis.

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