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Stop worrying, stop anxiety, stop procrastinating behaviour in a flash. Become a master-coper.

Did you know that 85% of what we worry about never happens?

Make the choice - and it is your choice - to stop worrying.

When you imagine fear; when you imagine all that COULD go wrong, when you imagine something bad happening, it isn't actually real. So, why let something that isn't real stop you from making progress; of moving forward? Fear stops you from living a full life.

"That's all well and good", you say. "But how do I stop worrying, when this is what I do?"

It's actually a whole lot easier than you think. All it needs is the right tool and for you to remember to use it within 90 seconds of any negative or limiting thought appearing.

Nature gives us a 90-second window to bust stressful thinking before it takes hold and takes us on a long walk off a short pier, and this simple, powerful tool, THE CLEAR BUTTON, will empower you like nothing else to interrupt and banish any negative or limiting thought. Are you ready to stop worrying and to stop procrastinating?


I want you to imagine a big button at the centre of your palm. As soon as a negative or limiting thought rears its ugly head, you will press the big imaginary button on your palm.

Then, on the exhale, completely let go of thinking anything for a moment.

Yes, it's really that simple.

The more you bust stressful thinking during the day, the more your brain will strengthen synapses that end worry and anxiety. You are making the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar.

Why the CLEAR BUTTON works.

The part of the brain that causes stress reactions literally has the intelligence of a toddler. And, as every parent knows, you don't stop a tantrum by appealing to a child's logic. You distract the child! This tool distracts the terrible-two-year-old in your brain from casting you off the deep end.

Your tantrum-throwing-toddler brain may fight you in the beginning, but you just patiently keep at it, and it will soon get tired. Just keep interrupting it - don't let it get away with a tantrum - and quickly move forward with a positive action. The more you use this simple tool, the less you'll need to use it next week, and the week after, and the week after that - until your mind is absolutely familiar with your fearless, positive mindset and you'll hardly, if ever, need to use it again. Just remember, you need to push that button within 90 seconds!

Let me know how the CLEAR BUTTON is working for you. My clients love it, and I'm sure you will too.

If there's anything I can help you with to make your life easier, let's chat. Book your FREE Discovery Call/Consultation here.


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