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Destiny - what is it?

I was never able to put into words, at least not so profoundly, what I always felt and knew to be true, until I watched one of the most fascinating podcasts to date. Aubrey Marcus' interview with Robert Edward Grant was one I had to listen to twice, back-to-back.

Covering a myriad of topics such as consciousness shift, that what we judge, we attract, the teachings of the ancients, decoding the Great Pyramids, Robert's insights into his time working with the Pope and the Dalai Lama and even how/why some spiritual people fall into traps that don't serve them. I was also blown away by being made aware that Maths isn't just numbers - in the way we were taught at school - and that there is a deep connection between mathematics and philosophy.

I had so many takeaways from this amazing interview, but a real AHA-moment was delivered when Marcus asked Robert if he believed in Destiny. His answer sent shivers through me "Destiny is the Will of the Higher Self". This more than resonated with me. He was putting 'my truth' - one I've never really been able to articulate - into such simple, but profound words.

The Higher Self comes by many names, depending on your cultural background and religious/spiritual beliefs. It's the non-material dimension of yourself, the part of you not encumbered by ego. Some call it intuition, soul or spirit. It's when we connect with the Divine, which we're all part of, that we connect to our higher self. To some it's seen a power outside of ourselves, for others it's the power within ourselves.

To me, it's a going inwards, allowing me to look for answers and trusting what emerges. I believe that we do have a destiny, but we also have a choice to create that destiny. Hence, Robert's words couldn't be more on point for me.

What's your belief about Destiny?


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Video Description

What if esoteric wisdom about the nature of consciousness and reality itself was encoded into ancient structures like the pyramids? This is no longer conjecture, as mathematical equations rule out the possibility of coincidence. Polymath Robert Edward Grant is a wealth of knowledge in a great many fields, and this conversation was truly mind blowing on so many levels. You’ll learn about the hidden encryptions he has personally decoded from the pyramids in Egypt, and how the works of ancient polymaths, like Leonardo da Vinci, provide the codex to these mysteries. We also dive into the importance of returning to a multifaceted approach to learning, the age of miracles, Robert’s time with the Dalai Lama, and many more astounding mysteries that Robert has decoded. You don’t want to miss this one!

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