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All you desire is available to you

Today I'd like to ask, what does abundance mean to you?

I'd like to challenge you with a little task. Come up with a clear definition of what abundance means to you, or anything you want or desire.

If you have a clear definition of what it is you desire, then you can obtain it; achieve it. I'll take you through the steps of HOW.

The portal to abundance is mindfulness.


If you are sincere about creating a new future - one without blocks, emotional or physical pain, where everything is available to you, you need to become aware of your limiting thoughts and behaviours.

Why is this important? By the time we are in our midlife, 95% of our thoughts are unconscious and in control.

To put yourself - your conscious self - back in control, you need to know your thoughts inside and out, become aware, neutralise them by CHOOSING not to own those thoughts and associated feelings.

So, become aware, then breathe out, and give those limiting and negative beliefs about yourself away with a big breath out. KNOW and say: THAT'S NOT ME! Say it with conviction, feeling and knowing that it is not you.

If you have to, lie to your mind, do it! Because your mind does not care if what you say is good, bad, indifferent, true, false, healthy, unhealthy, right or wrong. It simply responds to the words and pictures you install. So, even if it may not feel true right now, it doesn't matter, fool your mind into believing it, and it will become true.

Keep practicing this powerful first step. The mind learns by repetition so, just like driving, you'll soon be doing this, easily and effortlessly; automatically.

Join me next week for Step 2.

If you're ready to commit to taking control of your thoughts and life, simply sign up to not miss Step 2 and future health, success and life hacks.

Have an inspired day.

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