The Butterfly Effect

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Be inspired and motivated to transform today's YOU to a better version of yourself.

The BUTTERLY EFFECT will not only show you how but why. 

You don't even have to worry about the HOW.

When you understand your WHY, you'll be amazed at how the HOW appears.

We'll delve into how the mind works, you'll discover the phenomenal power of your mind, and that there truly is a body-mind connection that can work for or against you.

The content we'll share is hand-picked, providing extraordinary insights, tools and simple activities and exercises that will transform you, if followed and implemented. 

A little effort on your part will be required, but believe me, will be worth the reward.

See it as part of your Self-Care Plan. 

Try this little Exercise

To demonstrate what happens to you when you don't self-care and just give and give,

take a deep breath.

Be mindful of how you're feeling as you take in that deep breath.

Pretty good? Full of energy?

 Your full lungs symbolise your vitality & health.

Now, slowly exhale.

This symbolises the energy you're giving away as you support and look after your family, your home & garden, your friends, your work associates and colleagues, your customers....  

Keep breathing out. Don't breathe in. Just keep giving that breath away to the last. 

How are you feeling? Not so good? 

That's exactly what happens to your body, your immune system AND to your mental health.

For a while you'll be able to keep that up and seem to cope with the stress you're exposing your body, mind and soul to, but eventually your body, mind & soul will start sending you signals.

If ignored, these signals keep getting louder and will force you to stop by making you ill.

You've given your Power away. You are powerless.

Now, close your eyes, smile to yourself and take another deep breath in.

Visualise the air as being a beautiful, white-golden vapour.

You're taking in loads of positive energy and you're giving yourself positive thoughts.

"I am so happy", "I am incredibly healthy", "I am confident", "I am amazing" etc

(The mind doesn't care if it's true or not! Lie to your mind if you have to)

Feel the emotion of being happy, of feeling confident, of feeling healthy and amazing.


Slowly release your breath and visualise your breath as being  a murky, cloudy grey vapour.

You're releasing all stress, all toxic thoughts, all toxic substances. FEEL them leave.

Repeat 10 times (more if you like).

How are you feeling now?

Lighter, more balanced, calmer, happier?

I hope this simple, yet effective  little exercise has demonstrated to you that you can't just keep giving without consequences. And that when you are kind and invest a little in yourself, that this empowers you to give to others in a much healthier way. 

You claim your Power. You are Powerful! 

It's all about balance! 

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