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Does Therapy work and which ones are the most effective?

There is no shame in seeking help. The most important thing, when you are feeling overwhelmed by something, suffer from depression, anxiety, when feeling hopeless, powerless or alone, is that you don't suffer in silence or alone. If you can't talk to a family member or friend, there are many organisations and health practitioners you can confidently turn to, who genuinely want to help you.

If you've already tried therapy and it hasn't worked for you, try another modality. I know that some people, especially men, find it difficult to talk about their feelings and issues. The idea of ongoing counselling or mentoring sessions, repeatedly talking about what they really most want to forget, is often fraught with dread.

That's why I love how Rapid Transformational Therapy® works. It works with the subconscious mind to get to the root-cause of presenting problems quickly. Your powerful subconscious mind does all the work, while you can deeply relax. And for the control freaks among you (like me), don't worry. You will still have full awareness of everything that's going on.

I'm not at all saying "Talk Therapy" doesn't work. Some clients have a need to talk and mull over things again and again, until they eventually, working with their conscious mind and the help of their therapist, have an epiphany (AHA moment). We are all different and there is no one size fits all.

And, if talking is what you need and want, I'm certainly available to sit and chat. However, as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist, I aim to FREE you from your issue sooner rather than later. My goal is always for you to have a major breakthrough in our first session together.

Most presenting issues relate back to past/childhood events and experience, some seemingly innocent and some traumatic, that translate to chronic stress, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, lack of motivation and purpose, not feeling enough, anxiety, depression, addictions, or compulsive behaviour. They can also translate to physical pain and disease. Your mind and body are very much connected.

What never ceases to amaze me, is that most of us (and I'm no exception) don't even realise the programming we were exposed to as children and young adults; the effect of events and experiences had on us, many of which we can't even consciously remember as adults.

We're stuck with outdated programming, but the good news is, we do have the power to change our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, habits and behaviours with the right tools. We can reprogram, recode and rewire outdated and limiting beliefs that have been playing on a loop in your subconscious mind for years, if not decades, permanently.

Just talking about problems, especially without knowing and understanding the root-cause often buried in your subconscious, only strengthens your neural and emotional connection to them. That makes it really difficult to separate yourself from the real issue.

This is really important to understand, because YOU are NOT your problem - outdated and false beliefs in your mind are the problem.

And that's where RTT® shines. It was designed to set you free by identifying the when, where, why and how you came to believe falsehoods about yourself and why your subconscious mind, and even your body, are doing what they're doing to you. Understanding is power! Once you get it, once you know that your mind is so powerful that it created your issues, why, and that it's not your fault, you are empowered to smash, crush and annihilate them, forever! And then your healing journey commences immediately as we code in new beliefs and habits into your subconscious mind.

Find out more about RTT® during a FREE 30 minute personal DISCOVERY CALL.

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