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Speaking at Cansurvive Holistic Cancer Research & Support Centre

I had the honour of speaking about The Power of Our Mind at Cansurvive Research Association Inc on the Sunshine Coast.

This holistic, not-for-profit cancer research and support centre has been a blessing to many touched by cancer since 1994. Considering that a study published in the British Journal of Cancer claims one in two of us is predicted to experience cancer in our lifetime, community support centres, such as Cansurvive, are needed more than ever. Patients, cancer survivors, their families and carers find guidance, caring support and empowering resources, including access to an array of educational and inspirational seminars and workshops at Cansurvive.

As has been the fate of many charitable organisations during the past few years of the pandemic, Cansurvive too suffered devastating setbacks as planning anything, especially support meetings and events had been impacted by lock-downs and Covid regulations. It was heart-breaking for co-founder/president Eve Williamson, board members, and staff (almost all volunteers) to have their invaluable community services reduced to almost nothing, knowing how many people would be denied the support they desperately needed. Unable to operate at any meaningful level, financial support from donors, sponsors and members also decreased significantly. The epic rain events added to the strain already experienced, with the damaged roof now needing urgent repairs; ideally replacement.

The recently newly appointed CEO, Cindy Scott 🤍 and the board* are passionate about resurrecting and revitalising Cansurvie and are working tirelessly to obtain grants, and community funding, as well as recruiting volunteers. This will provide the foundation to support their exciting plans to offer Sunshine Coast citizens challenged by cancer a safe space, caring support, and a healing sanctuary with empowerment programs, as they travel along their path back to some kind of normality and wellness. No one should go on this journey alone.

If anyone reading this can help this wonderful organisation via a tax- donation*, materials and/or labour to fix their roof, or have skills and a bit of time they could donate (e.g. grant writing, new website design) or would like to become a regular volunteer-angel (admin, marketing, IT, book-keeping/accounting, property & garden maintenance support), please contact their office on (07) 5441 5730 or email

*Disclosure: I have joined the board to support Cansurvive in their plans and endeavours. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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