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Cancer Empowerment Workshop #1

Interactive Introduction to Workshop Program

Cansurvive & Mindpower Transformations proudly present

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Rules of the Mind






Looping Thoughts Tool

Becoming Aware of Your Self-Dialogue

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Heart - Brain Coherence

One of Gregg Braden's most powerful and truly life changing videos. I use this technique to help my clients relax and move their awareness of their outer world to their inner world, before beginning our RTT/Hypnotherapy sessions together. It's become part of my Toolkit.


This 'tool' I share with every single one of my clients as an important "technique" to better cope in life and boost their wellbeing. Gregg Braden's research and teachings aligns perfectly with the principles of Rapid Transformational Therapy and my personal interest in neuroscience discoveries.


As this video contains mediation segment, please do not watch/listen whilst driving, operating heavy machinery and or undertaking any physical activities which may cause harm.


Special Thanks to Gregg Braden/Wisdom Traditions and HeartMath Institute 

Have You Ever Seen A Thought?

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner I work with my client's mind - mostly the subconscious.

I am familiar with the Rules of the Mind and how the mind works, but to actually be able to show my clients what thoughts look like and how we can direct change to occur, both mental and physical, is often the difference between believing and knowing that they can play an active part in their healing.

Dr Joe Dispenza is one of my favourite mentors. I just love how the work he and his team do is giving credence to the therapy modalities such as hypnotherapy and RTT. There is truly nothing woowoo about what we do. It's science, quantum physics and using the innate power of our minds to prove that you don't have to fall into a victim mentality. You can take charge. Stop being a victim believing you have no control over external events. You can direct and instruct your mind and how you react to those events

What Is RTT and How Does It Work?

If you would like to find out more about Rapid Transformational Therapy 1:1 sessions* and how I can help you, I invite you to book a free 30 minute Discovery Consultation/Call.


*Sessions are available face-to-face (Sunshine Coast) and online. 

About the Workshop

Audio # 1
Heart-Brain Coherence Meditation

00:00 / 29:01

Listen to this supercharged meditation (guided hypnosis) every day for a minimum of 21 days to experience the full benefit.  Then use it whenever you need to relax, boost your immune system and overall wellness.

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