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Don't Do This In The Shower

This seemingly innocent habit could seriously impact your health. Especially women need to know this.

In Portugal, during a drought some years ago, people were encouraged to pee in the shower to save water. It made sense. If peeing in the shower is something you're in the habit of doing, however, know that you could be endangering your health. And no, it has nothing to do with germs and hygiene. The reason may surprise you. It certainly did me. Yet, in hindsight, considering what I know about the mind, it's more than plausible.

So what's the problem with peeing in the shower? Doing this on a regular basis (making it a habit and familiar to the mind) can have quite debilitating consequences. If it's a habit you have, you are actually involuntarily conditioning your brain to feel the urge to urinate every time you hear the sound of water. And you'd be surprised how common that sound is! Someone pouring a glass of water, watering the garden, washing the car and, of course, every time it rains. Yikes!

Certified physical therapist, Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas explained in a video that apparently went viral on Tik-Tok, that peeing in the shower will indeed strengthen the firing of neurons associated with the sound of water, and impact the muscles that are used to constrict your bladder. This condition is actually known as the Pavlovian effect.

Who would have thought, that people could develop bladder issues or pelvic floor dysfunction by relieving themselves in the shower?

Some may experience it as just a mild inconvenience, being triggered to want to go to the bathroom every time they hear the sound of water, while some may be training their bladder to fully release practically immediately by losing control of their sphincters.

While I've never been in the habit of peeing in the shower, it's certainly now something I won't even contemplate doing, no matter how urgent I might need to go.

Please let me know if you found this information helpful.


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